The Ultimate Delivery Service Guide in the Philippines

May 18, 2021

Hatid Express Delivery presents your delivery service guide in the Philippines!
The guide is your go-to reference when looking for the best rates, best service, and best delivery experience for your courier needs. We even have a list of the things we can assist you with when booking your deliveries with us.

Top express delivery services in the Philippines.

Express delivery has become one of the most convenient and safest ways to send and receive packages which can become challenging in this time of lockdowns and quarantine. These express delivery services, which are easily reached with a click of our fingers, have proved to be dependable in delivering simple documents to expensive gadgets, from food to medicine within Metro Manila and beyond.

● Mr Speedy
● Grab Express
● Lalamove
● TokTok

Hatid Express Delivery is the latest to join the express delivery community. What separates HATID from the competition is their Filipino ethos of “alaga” — a distinctly Filipino character that is known all over the world. HATID aims to emphasize care, safety, convenience, and speed in delivering packages. 

What sets us apart from other express delivery service providers?

HATID delivers nationwide. We know each and every corner of the country. We make deliveries within Metro Manila and from Metro Manila to every key cities of the Philippines. We have this capability because HATID is powered by ITC; a respected name in the courier and logistics services industry for more than 30 years. Now, that’s what you call a pedigree.


50 things we are willing to assist you with!

Important documents delivery

Food delivery Philippines

Grocery delivery

Gift delivery

Flower delivery

Same day delivery

Party food delivery in Manila

Gift basket delivery

Milk Tea delivery

Rider jobs Philippines

Courier services

Cake delivery

Riders extra income

Nationwide delivery Philippines

Delivery rider

Affordable delivery service

Same day flower delivery

Electronics delivery

Clothing delivery

Bulk deliveries

Small business deliveries

Small home essentials

Computer parts

Pet essentials Philippines

Art materials delivery

Chips delivery

Cash on delivery

Wholesale deliveries 

Essential deliveries

Baby essentials delivery

List of top logistics company in the Philippines

Door to door delivery

To go courier

Fruit delivery Philippines

Vegetable delivery Philippines

Sanitizing equipment delivery

Holiday deliveries

Personal deliveries

School supplies delivery

Work files delivery

Frozen delights delivery

Technology delivery

Corporate deliveries

Covid-19 essential deliveries

Medicine deliveries

Toy deliveries

Work from home essentials delivery

Home workout essentials

Wedding invitation delivery

Phone accessories delivery

Delivery rates in the Philippines

As consumers, we’re always on the lookout for the most affordable delivery rates. It’s not a secret that we sometimes feel disheartened when we discover hidden fees when using other delivery service apps. Let’s be honest, we want an express delivery service that is not only fast but can also take good care of our packages.
It’s a good thing Hatid Express Delivery is now becoming popular with online buyers and sellers for its affordable courier service rates and fees, and for making sure packages are well taken care of. Don’t believe us? Why not try downloading the Hatid Express Delivery app and experience it for yourself!


Explore the latest features of express delivery in the Philippines.

We all value express delivery services that will ensure the safety of our packages. In the digital age, technology plays a significant role in making things more convenient. Now, we can track packages the moment it leaves our homes until it reaches its destination. Technology, however, is only one part of it. Notice our riders? They are now equipped with devices that can help them navigate roads with ease resulting in faster transactions.

Hatid Express Delivery is in tune with the latest technological features with a user-friendly app and a user-friendly website. Meanwhile, ka-Hatid drivers are equipped with navigation systems that will help avoid delivery hiccups such as traffic jams and road accidents, or for them to simply know the fastest route to the destination. Our drivers are well trained to deliver parcels with care and treat customers with respect at all times.


What to expect from us?
● We keep your deliveries in good shape with insulated bags.
● Have a hassle-free transaction with the Cash on Delivery option.
● Explore Hatid by being updated with the latest news that is available on the Hatid app and website.
● Time is gold. Our ka-Hatid drivers are quick to assist you in your urgent deliveries.
● Ka-Hatid drivers will surely provide care with your packages.
● Hatid is backed up by a well-established logistics company, ITC Manila.
● They provide the convenience of delivering groceries!
● Urgent deliveries? Hatid offers fast same-day delivery!
● Expect ka-Hatid drivers to be friendly and “maalaga.”
● Schedule your deliveries in advance.


Express delivery Application experience.

An application holds great significance to express delivery services. It is what people use on a daily basis to get their packages (whether urgent or not) from one place to another. As much as possible, app users value seamless transactions, and the application itself should be able to do just that.


Quality express delivery apps have:
● Easy-to-follow instructions
● Informative
● Straightforward fill in the blanks
● Encourages user engagement
● Responsive
● Pleasing design
● Ensures user information security
● Fast loading
● Provides user updates


Having an app that provides a smooth user experience will provide ease for people requiring urgent deliveries. Luckily, Hatid Express Delivery has an uncomplicated application for both drivers and users. This will enable everybody who uses the app to have flawless transactions wherever they are.


Express delivery Website experience.

A website is a virtual extension of a business. Even if most customers mostly use the app, this doesn’t mean that they don’t visit the website. If people want to know more about your business, it’s the website that they’ll search. If they’re looking for contact numbers, the website will be the first thing that they’ll search on Google. Website experience is as important as application experience.


What makes HATID a good express delivery website?
● HATID website has comprehensive information about its business and services
● It includes important contact information like phone numbers and location
● Easy to use
● Easy to navigate
● Optimized for mobile – People are not always carrying their PCs or their laptops with them. In such cases, they would probably use their phones for more convenient searching.
● Well designed that’s in line with the business’s signature colors
● Fast loading
● Informative – Keep in mind that people who will be visiting are not only consumers but riders as well. Make sure that both customer information and rider information are present on the website.


The HATID website prides itself on being informative, user-friendly, and eye-catching which consumers are used to experience on other similar websites like that of Lalamove. Articles and their latest updates are all just a click away. The HATID website has simple yet attractive designs and colors.

The Hatid Express Delivery website understands the sentiments of the Filipino digital consumers, and it shows on the website as well. Notice how they’ve used a mix of English and Filipino in their communications? Also, the website features user-friendly guides such as providing QR codes for easier access to their desired platforms. A website visitor can easily navigate his/her way through it since it provides a straightforward approach.


What is your express delivery service type?

There are multiple delivery service types in the Philippines. Some service types range from regional, national, and international scopes. Hatid Express Delivery, however, provides delivery needs of the people within Metro Manila that spreads to the major cities in the Philippines.
In different circumstances, most express delivery services also cater to specialty deliveries such as perishable goods, fragile items, inventory materials, etc. Meanwhile, Hatid Express Delivery specializes in material essentials. This could be urgent documents, birthday gifts, flowers for special occasions, and other personal valuables.


What you should expect from your express delivery service.

Express delivery is not just simply giving or dropping off your package to the drivers. But rather, it’s the trust you build with them to deliver these packages safely to their destinations.


Every express delivery must exude:

Reliability – We want an express delivery that we can depend on. Their performance does not falter but will only continue to exceed expectations time and time again.

Fast Deliveries – They can get urgent packages to destinations quickly and safely.
Trustworthiness – A good express delivery will make you feel secure. We depend on our drivers to deliver our parcels safely and in good condition.

“Maalaga” or Caring – We are entrusting valuable items to our riders. In return, our drivers should express their care with the things they are delivering as well.

Good Communication – Good communication can be a bridge to achieving an excellent customer experience. A simple notice if a package is arriving or if they have already arrived goes a long way!

Directional skills – It’s a huge plus if drivers know their way around Metro Manila!

Flexible – A good courier service is in tune with the customer’s needs. Packages differ from time to time. Sometimes, they are needed urgently while other times they are rushed transactions. The delivery service must be flexible enough to cater to the customer’s needs.


Hatid Express Delivery embodies each of these qualities while highlighting its key trait, which is delivering with care. They pride themselves on delivering excellence in customer service not only within Metro Manila but reaching out to the major cities throughout the Philippines!