Way To Go, HATID! Fragile Items Successfully Delivered from Valenzuela to Bacolod #CaringKERI

Jul 16, 2021

Hatid Express Delivery proves its point of being the best maalagang delivery services in the Philippines by its recent success in delivering fragile items from Valenzuela to Bacolod. 

Hatid understands the rough and stressful process in which your package has to go through in order to reach its destination. Unlike other delivery services who would take packages and deliver them as it is, Hatid takes extra precautionary steps to ensure that your package is safe from bumps, falls, and scratches especially when it’s a nationwide delivery. 

Therefore, when Hatid knew that the package was fragile, we took further actions to ensure that their packages would retain their pristine condition regardless of the long journey. Referring to the picture below, nanay opened her package with relief seeing that her box of fragile plates were all intact. 

Hatid also took the liberty of putting their parcel in another box for extra security. Yan ang alagang Hatid!

Furthermore, Hatid doesn’t just extend their care with your packages, we also make sure that they are properly labeled, marked, and delivered in a timely manner. This fragile shipment was picked up last July 6, 2021, and was delivered on July 10, 2021. Hatid’s initial waiting period is a week (7 days) but the fragile package was already delivered 3 days earlier from its deadline! Way to go, Hatid!

Hatid Express Delivery is slowly spreading our maalagang paghahatid in the Philippines, nationwide. Experience delivery service with care and download our Hatid Express app available in Play Store and Apple Store.