Nationwide Delivery Philippines: Watch Out For These Delivery Issues

Jul 23, 2021

There are a lot of risks that your packages may encounter when it’s for a nationwide delivery. Minsan kahit gaano man natin ingatan ang ating mga padala, somehow, it either ends up in an unfavorable condition or situation (like getting lost or arriving at a wrong destination). However, being aware of common delivery matters this 2021 (which is a pandemic year) can make us more assertive in terms of preventive measures.

Kaya naman, Hatid Express Delivery, always makes it a point to let our ka-Hatids feel and know that we are a delivery service that understands the importance of every parcel and is knowledgeable about the possible risks (delays, hold-ups, disinfection processes, etc.) that may occur. But ultimately, Hatid makes it known that we are a delivery service that cares. Ang alagang dala ng Hatid, ay abot saan man papunta ang padala niyo.

Delivery services are taking over the Philippines.

The pandemic has definitely made a great impact on Philippine markets. As one of the most convenient ways to deliver things from one place to another, delivery services are truly saturated at a time when quarantine regulations restrict people from going out. Despite the number of services available, more people are using it and are experiencing the fun and convenient ways of ordering online, albeit stressful at times.

Industries that have flourished online because of the demand for delivery services are the food industry, retail industry, appliance, and furniture industry, to name a few. Online shopping equals to delivery services. Therefore, this makes the delivery, whether it be within Metro Manila or may it be nationwide delivery here in the Philippines, one of the most used services through the pandemic, even presently.

Industries that benefit from delivery services

1. Food Industry

According to Business World, Foodpanda grabbed 70% of the market shares at the peak of the pandemic. Meanwhile, a report from Manila Bulletin states that GrabFood bagged 56% of market shares. This is a new surge of food delivery that swept through Manila. In an article from Transportify, food industry businesses have already grown their revenue of 40 Trillion in 2019 alone making food businesses at the top of industries that saturate delivery services.

2. Retail Industry

It’s no secret that a number of shops have closed down during the course of the pandemic. This is why people turned to online shopping to purchase clothing, and the like. Eventually, the number of users in the Philippines shot up to 73% of usage. Moreover, a lot of physical stores have turned to social media to continue their business.

3. Appliances and Furniture

Meanwhile, the number of people searching for appliances online reached a hefty number of 4.9 Billion people visiting various shopping sites. As more stores closed, not only food businesses and retail have turned to the online platform but appliances and furniture as well.

Hindi naman lahat ng delivery service ay perpekto but for sure, every one of us are doing their best to care for your packages. Some of us may have encountered a problem or two, kaya naman, without further ado, know some of the delivery issues that you may experience here in the Philippines.

Most common nationwide delivery issues this 2021

Delivery services have been a godsend at a time when going out is a risk to people’s health. However, this does not go without delivery challenges as well. Through the course of the pandemic year here in the Philippines, we have heard multiple delivery issues that went viral. Some are frowned upon, and some make us look up to our riders with pride.

Hatid Express Delivery is giving you the most common delivery issues that you may or might not experience this 2021. Ito ay ang alagang binibigay namin sainyo, mga ka-Hatid. By knowing these issues, you have the chance to resolve these delivery matters before it even happens.

Nationwide delivery Philippines common issues

1.    High shipping costs. Let’s be honest mga ka-Hatid, mahal talaga ang magpadala lalo na sa malalayong lugar. However, by using Hatid Express Delivery, you will be given a fair price in terms of shipping fees, most importantly, your nationwide deliveries. Sa Hatid, makakakuha ka na ng sulit na shipping fee na may kasama pang alaga!

2.    Delayed delivery. In regards to our immediate packages, another issue we commonly experience is late deliveries. May it be a cause of bad weather, far away provincial deliveries, or road hazards. However, this can simply be resolved with free-flowing communication. Importanteng may komunikasyon sa pagitan ng sender, receiver, at driver. This is to set expectations and for us to be informed ahead of time.

3.    Food packaging problems. One of the most challenging bookings we encounter. This applies especially to brittle food, food that has sauce, and liquids. Sa parte ng sender, siguraduhin na tugma ang packaging ng pagkain. If the food is liquid-based, make sure to place it in tight containers that are non-spill. Remember, pack your best, and Hatid will do the rest!

4.    Hard to contact delivery services. Madalas gusto nating kumuha ng updates sa estado ng padala natin. If you make it hard for customers to contact their delivery service, it will only result in irritable people and poor customer service. That’s why it’s very important to keep communications open at all times.

5.    Wrong locations. One of the most crucial steps of any delivery is inputting the correct address. A maalagang advice for you, ka-Hatid, is to double-check all information. This would save you a stressful conversation with your driver on pinpointing the right location for the pick-up or the one receiving it.

Packaging conditions or issues we mostly experience.

One of the biggest issues we experience is seeing the state of our packages in an unfavorable condition the moment we receive them. Aminin natin, minsan nakakadismaya pag nakatanggap tayo ng mga padala na sira-sira ang packaging. But why is this important?

The state of our packages tells us how courier services handle our parcels. From the box itself, we can already tell if it was handled roughly, if it was thrown around, or was carelessly tucked into cramped spaces. Looking at the guide below, the common goal of every delivery service is to maintain its pristine condition. Not only for the box but most importantly the item inside.

Nationwide delivery Philippines packaging conditions

Hatid always makes sure every package is cared for. Maliit man, o malaki, alagang ihahatid namin yan! Within Metro Manila, or Nationwide deliveries here in the Philippines, expect your packages to always be received in pristine condition.

Nationwide Delivery ang Abot ng Alagang Hatid!

Use a delivery service na nationwide ang dalang alaga. Hatid Express Delivery can provide a delivery service that’s not only affordable and safe, but it also comes with the ultimate care brought by our ka-Hatid drivers. 

Hatid Express Delivery, will ensure that your package and the items inside are secured and intact the moment you hand them in our care. Hindi mo na kailangang mangamba pa sa kondisyon ng iyong padala, dahil with the professional care that Hatid brings to the table, your parcel will surely be in good condition throughout the entire delivery process.

Kaya naman kung gusto mong makaranas ng delivery service na may kasamang alaga, Hatid is the go-to delivery service for you! Just download our app available through Play Store and Apple Store.