Nationwide Delivery PH: A Short History On Nationwide Delivery in the Philippines

Jul 30, 2021

A lot may not be aware of it, but being a courier is actually one of the earliest professions in the Philippines. In the late 1800’s when airplanes, cars, and electronic devices did not yet exist, express delivery came to life in other ways. Once upon a time, nationwide delivery services were made up of deliveries via ships, messages were sent via telegrams, and sometimes, packages were even dispatched through “runners”. However, in time, these services developed into more advanced and convenient systems. 

While this is all very interesting, these simple ways of delivering packages before paved the way for radical changes in how we do nationwide delivery in the Philippines today. Because of the difficulty of delivery services before, this brought rapid customer demands for shipment innovations.  

The development of Nationwide delivery services through the years.

Nationwide delivery has made tremendous innovations over the years. Months of waiting time are reduced to weeks, packaging conditions have improved thanks to the invention of bubble wraps, plastics, cardboard boxes, etc. However, it wasn’t always like this before. Here, we’ll get a glimpse of how delivery service was back then and how it slowly progressed to the advanced services we enjoy today.

Nationwide Delivery PH in the 1880s:

  • Deliveries always had a high chance of being late.
  • Parcels or letters are not always received in a very good condition.
  • Expect longer waiting times (it may even take months before you receive your package).
  • Since most packaging are not secured, expect some items to either be broken or cracked (bubble wraps, cardboard boxes, and insulated boxes do not exist at this time).
  • Worst case scenario: You may not receive your package at all.

Nationwide Delivery in the 1980s:

  • Use of planes to deliver packages became saturated.
  • Ships were also widely used in nationwide deliveries.
  • Options between airplanes or ships became available to consumers.
  • Large items like cars or appliances were already accepted.
  • Delivery process improved during this time.

Nationwide Delivery PH in the early 2000s:

  • Tracking applications were still not very popular at this time.
  • Communication technology was more developed but daily updates on deliveries were not yet available.
  • Waiting period was minimized.
  • There is a wider selection of packaging options to make sure that items inside are intact.
  • Delivery centers are getting more accessible and are starting to branch out.

Nationwide Delivery in the Philippines 2021 with Hatid Express Delivery.

The difficulty of traditional nationwide delivery has affected demands for a more convenient shipping process that can benefit both couriers and consumers. This is why Hatid also came up with delivery services that can further benefit its consumers.

  • Nationwide Delivery
  • Pa-Bili service
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Same-day-delivery

Unlike other delivery services in the Philippines, Hatid Express Delivery makes it a point to always include the valuable Filipino trait of “alaga” when handling any packages, big or small – we will deliver with the utmost care. Not only do we deliver it with care, but Hatid’s nationwide delivery also delivers with very competitive pricing. That’s why when you have a package that’s set to be delivered outside of Metro Manila borders, Hatid is your ideal partner in delivering your valuable packages to far corners of the Philippines. 

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