Nationwide Delivery Service Philippines: List of Prohibited Delivery Items In the Airport

Aug 6, 2021

Nationwide delivery is known to be one of the most convenient services in the industry to send important packages with the use of an easy and accessible process. However, there are limitations to what we can send here in Metro Manila and with our nationwide delivery service in the Philippines. Although delivery services do their best to get our valuables from one place to another (even to far away provincial areas), this doesn’t mean that we can easily send any item we desire. There are, of course, restrictions that we have to take note of.

Therefore, Hatid Express Delivery made a list for you to know what is allowed and what is prohibited for nationwide deliveries here in the Philippines. 

List of Prohibited Delivery Items for Nationwide Delivery

  1. Live animals
  2. Toxic or poisonous insects
  3. Human corpses
  4. Human remains
  5. Urns containing cremated people
  6. Military firearms
  7. Ammunition
  8. Fireworks
  9. Bombs
  10. Wet packaging
  11. Frozen meats
  12. Waste
  13. Perishables
  14. Component of guns and firearms
  15. Replicas or imitations of firearms
  16. Paintball equipment
  17. Stun guns (of all kinds)
  18. Plastic explosives
  19. Radioactive materials (medical or commercial items)
  20. Flares (of any kind)
  21. Smoke-generating canisters or cartridges
  22. Detonators or fuses
  23. Mines or other explosive military tools
  24. Gasoline
  25. Pirated media  
  26. Military equipment
  27. Miscellaneous dangerous good (like dry ice or lithium batteries)
  28. Gambling tools or devices
  29. Negative advocacies that incite treason or rebellion against the Philippine Government
  30. Synthetic drugs or narcotics (that is not approved by law)

What happens when you send prohibited items in the Philippines?

According to the International Trade and Affairs in the Philippines, you would need to have certification from various government agencies before sending these prohibited items. That is one of the safest ways on how you’ll be able to deliver these items without getting halted by the law. However, if you fail to meet those requirements before sending these deliveries only means that you have violated the Philippine Customs and Laws. Therefore, penalties, inspections, fines, and even the possibility of criminal prosecutions might take place. This process is not only applicable in nationwide deliveries in the Philippines, but it also applies to international deliveries as well.

What you should know about Hatid’s Nationwide Delivery

Hatid Express Delivery makes certain that all deliveries abide by the Philippines’ nationwide delivery regulations. It is a part of our ethos, “alaga” to not only care for the packages being dispatched, but we also care on how it is being delivered and that it passes through the implemented rules for nationwide flights. This is for the courier’s sake and also for the people handling the parcels through the entire process. Ang alagang Hatid does not stop with the packages, but it also transcends to the people managing it as well. Yan ang alagang Hatid!

Trust Hatid Express Delivery to oversee the dispatch of your package with complete confidence of its arrival in good condition. Hatid is bringing a modern day definition of “alaga” to delivery service in the Philippines. Maging isang ka-Hatid na, and download our app available in Play Store and Apple Store!