HATID Nationwide Delivery: The Importance of Fast Delivery Service For Your Online Business

Aug 13, 2021

Numerous businesses (new or seasoned) have stepped into the digital platform to continue their operations. And this is why delivery services such as Hatid Express Delivery, are currently one of the most in-demand services in the market. When almost everyone is purchasing or selling online, fast delivery services have never been more essential and demanded.

Being in the middle of a pandemic, fast delivery services are not just about satisfying customer expectations, but it has now become a need in a time when people are restricted to go out and the demand for delivery services has exponentially gone up. Hatid Express Delivery understands that having an online business also entails flexibility with the demands of consumers. Therefore, having a delivery service that not only provides fast delivery around Metro Manila but also delivers nationwide is also a big plus. 

Emerging online businesses this pandemic.

The pandemic particularly hit big businesses such as restaurants, malls, and entertainment centers the most. Nevertheless, some of these businesses adapted well in the pandemic times and are flourishing online. Although we cannot deny that the Philippine economy has been taking hard hits, there are businesses that are weathering the storm in stride and are performing via online platforms.

Booming businesses this pandemic:

  1. Food businesses online
  2. Online retailing 
  3. Online event hosting
  4. Delivery services
  5. Grocery stores
  6. Convenience stores
  7. Fitness equipment 
  8. Coffee companies (big or small)
  9. Pastry shops
  10. Gardening supplies
  11. Plant selling
  12. Face mask makers
  13. Face mask accessories
  14. Online tutoring businesses
  15. Face shield
  16. Alcohol companies
  17. Spray bottle companies
  18. Pet products or services
  19. Virtual workout or classes
  20. Digital marketing companies

Industries that were greatly affected.

Although we have thriving businesses in the market, some of our biggest industries in the Philippines are still affected even at this time. Additionally, establishments were forced to close, businesses went bankrupt, and popular brands chose to lay low. 

  1. Casinos
  2. Airlines
  3. Hotels
  4. Movie theaters
  5. Sports industries
  6. Cruise lines
  7. Shipping industries
  8. Film productions
  9. Retail industries
  10. Convention centers
  11. Construction services
  12. Education 
  13. Public transportation
  14. Real estate companies
  15. Mining
  16. Oil and gas extraction
  17. Manufacturing 
  18. Resorts
  19. Malls
  20. Amusement parks

How are these businesses coping during the pandemic?

Businesses go where the people are. And right now, a lot of us are online. We do most of our purchases and shopping through the internet. Currently, being able to adapt has never been more significant. These businesses survive because they have quickly responded to the needs of the people during this calamity. These businesses go to their consumers with the use of reliable and efficient delivery services.

Importance of fast delivery services for businesses.

The main reason why people demand fast delivery services is that it’s either an emergency delivery or sellers simply want to exceed the expectations of their consumers. However, having fast delivery services at your beck and call proves to be advantageous not only to consumers but for online sellers as well.

Benefits of using fast delivery services in the Philippines:

  • Improved customer satisfaction – People are pleased when their parcels and packages arrive on time or ahead of time. People become repeat customers and become loyal to their delivery service provider.
  • Gain higher ratings – When you exceed expectations of people, it is most likely you’ll receive higher ratings for your online business.
  • Faster processes – Having fast delivery services also benefits sellers to quickly close a sale without going through tedious and complicated  delivery processes.
  • Build a good reputation – When you have fast delivery, you’ll likely to build an outstanding reputation with your target audience, which in return will expose your business to more customers through word-of-mouth.
  • Earn pleasing reviews – The number one thing that online consumers look at are the reviews. Seeing amazing reviews of the ETA can pique their interests more. Let’s be honest, who likes having their packages arrive late?
  • Guaranteed safety – By using Hatid Express Delivery, you’ll be able to confidently dispatch your deliveries knowing that it will arrive in good condition.
  • Any store counts Delivery services like Hatid, does not focus on specific businesses. We cater to all, big or small.
  • Boost your online visibility – By using a fast delivery service, this will ultimately raise your online rating which will make you more visible online.

By using Hatid Express Delivery, these benefits are within reach! Hatid is a delivery service that recognizes the goals of every online business in the market. We are a delivery service that can help your business perform well and make your customers satisfied.  

The role of Hatid Express Delivery.

Hatid is your go-to delivery service to get the job done. Fast, reliable, and caring are the traits we stand by for. We are fully equipped to adapt to the changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic not only for the safety of customers but for the needs of online sellers as well. Being one of the most in-demand industries during this pandemic, we make it a point to highlight the most important responsibility of every delivery service, and that is caring for every parcel we deliver.

Most importantly, we also offer different services that can further enhance the safety of online business sellers and consumers. These services are:

  • Nationwide delivery service – Send parcels all over the Philippines (even in far hard to reach provincial areas) with an affordable price!
  • Pa-Bili delivery service – Are you craving snacks?Business materials you forgot to purchase? Stay safe indoors with the use of Hatid’s pa-Bili service.
  • Same day delivery service – Birthday gifts? Surprise gifts? Emergency parcels? We got you covered with our same day delivery service. 

Hatid Express Delivery is a one-stop shop for all of your delivery needs. All benefits and convenience are at your fingertips by simply downloading the Hatid Express app now available in Play Store and Apple Store!