Nationwide Delivery Service PH: Hatid’s Frequently Asked Questions

Aug 21, 2021

Hatid Nationwide Delivery, which launched in the Philippines in 2021 has since stirred the interest of the consumers, both sellers and buyers alike. Its efficient and affordable delivery rates and processes rank high in the consumers’ minds in terms of preference for nationwide delivery services. Consumers are reassured knowing that their packages will be delivered on time, efficiently, and safely to key cities in the Philippines. This feeling of security primarily comes from Hatid’s mindset of “alaga”, a uniquely Filipino trait that Hatid applies throughout its delivery process.

No doubt that Hatid’s popularity for being able to deliver all over the Philippines has captured the attention of many, and this leaves most people asking questions regarding where to start, which packages can be sent, or how the process works.

Hatid will answer your most frequent questions regarding Hatid’s nationwide delivery in the Philippines and more. Here’s all you need to know!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How fast can you deliver for nationwide deliveries?

Hatid believes that timeliness and consistency are a part of having quality nationwide delivery service. Therefore, we will make sure that all nationwide deliveries must not exceed 2 weeks of delivery time. This level of meticulousness will allow the consumers to expect their parcels to arrive on or before the given time frame.

Can we deliver food?

Yes, you can. However, there are limitations on what kind of food you can deliver with Hatid especially if your package will be traveling through air freight. In this regard, may we advise senders to make sure food packages are packed and secured very well? This is for the safety of your package and the other packages that are traveling with it.

Some of the hard no’s for Hatid food delivery are:

  • Perishables
  • Raw meat (of any kind)
  • Unsecured liquids
  • Drugs or narcotics

How do I sign up to be a Hatid Driver?

Just go to our website, and at the homepage, scroll down at the bottom. There you’ll see a QR code where you can scan the Hatid Driver app. This app is also accessible through Google Play.

Additionally, we also advise you to read and understand the requirements to be a ka-Hatid driver, as well as the benefits we have in store for you.

What other services does Hatid offer?

Aside from nationwide delivery, we also offer the following services:

Pa-Bili service Groceries? Snacks? Office supplies? If you’re not too keen on going out of the house, Hatid’s pa-Bili service can do the purchasing for you. List down all the things you need through the Hatid Express App, and our reliable ka-Hatid drivers will do the rest!

Same-day delivery service – Forgot something from your house? Do you have last-minute packages that need to be delivered? Hatid’s same-day delivery can provide convenience in delivering your packages within the day. This service is also available when you download our Hatid Express app available in Google Play and Apple Store.

Can I schedule ahead of time?

Yes, you can! You no longer have to get stressed waiting for riders (especially for rush deliveries) since you can book them in advance. Here’s how in five simple steps:

  1. Open the Hatid app and log in.
  2. Choose “Hatid Express”
  3. Click “Scheduled”
  4. A date and a time for delivery will appear.
  5. Input your details.Select your pick up locations and final drop off location.

How many pick-ups can I schedule for a day?

Hatid doesn’t really require a maximum number of pick-up schedules for a day. So as long as you need something to be dispatched whether it’s a Pa-Bili service or a same-day delivery service, or better yet, why not make it nationwide shipping? Hatid’s got you covered with your delivery worries.

Can I cancel my scheduled deliveries?

Cancel anytime and anywhere. Options will be available for you in the Hatid Express App.

What payment methods are available?

Hatid has flexible paying methods for the convenience of every customer. You can choose to pay through online banking and cash-on-delivery methods.

I have an online shop, is Hatid accepting bulk deliveries?

Yes, we are a huge supporter of online shops or local shops in the Philippines. So if you have bulk orders that need to be delivered around Metro Manila within the day, don’t hesitate to use Hatid Express Delivery.

On the other hand, if your shop is also offering nationwide deliveries, make Hatid Express Delivery your go-to delivery service to safely deliver your customer’s orders on their doorsteps.

Can I track my orders?

Hatid is big on communications. We’ll definitely let you know if there are updates with your packages. If they are in transit if they have arrived in sorting centers, and most importantly if they’ve arrived safely to their destinations.

Does Hatid double package every fragile item in their care?

True to our word, Hatid provides the best care for every package, especially when it comes to fragile items. Yes, we double the packaging for some fragile items, but only if we see that it needs more protection especially for long-distance deliveries.

We hope we answered all of your questions!

Hatid makes it a habit to always be in tune with consumer needs and provide the best solutions (in terms of delivery service) for our customers. That is the essence of Hatid’s care. So what are you waiting for? Book now and download the Hatid Express App on Google Play and Apple Store!